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Plasmid Map Templates
  • Adenoviral
  • Bacterial expression
  • Cre/Lox
  • Insect expression
  • Lentiviral
  • Luciferase
  • Mammalian expression
  • Other
  • Retroviral
  • RNAi
  • Worm expression
  • Yeast expression
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    About us

    BV Tech was founded in 2000 in GA, USA. We relocated to WA, USA in 2006. Our main businese is to provide software solutions for our clients in biological, and health researches. BVTech Plasmid and HealthWatch are our major products.

    BVTech Plasmid is DNA sequence analysis and plasmid drawing software for Windows PCs. You can use it to plan your DNA cloning, draw high quality plasmid maps, analyse your DNA sequencing data, align sequences, and much more. BVTech Plasmid is easy to use, powerful, and affordable for molecular biologists at any level.

    HealthWatch Home is designed for personal and family. It can calculate growth percentiles for infants, children and adolescents (2 to 20 years); blood pressure percentiles for children (under 17); and BMI for children and adults. HealthWatch Home can also evaluate underweight and overweight, identify metabolic syndrome and calculate risk for having a heart attack using the algorithms from Adult Treatment Panel III.

    HealthWatch Pro is designed for pediatricians and health professionals in clinical and research settings, fitness and training center. In addition to all the features of HealthWatch Home, HealthWatch Pro provides tools to import/export data from Excel, and allows input/output of a wider range of data.

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