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Bioinformatics Computing
The complete, practical guide to bioinformatics for molecular biologists and life scientists
Proteomics and Protein-Protein Interactions
This book attempts to bridge the two extreme ends of protein science: on one end, systems proteomics, бн, and on the other end, protein chemistry and biophysics
Digital Code of Life
This book looks at what companies like Merck, Glaxo SmithKline Beecham, and Celera, and hospitals are doing to maneuver themselves to leadership positions in this area.
Genomic Perl
"I found this to be an excellent book, and would not hesitate to recommend it to advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students." Saturnino Luz
An exciting compilation that addresses the key issues in biological data management
Evolutionary Computation in Bioinformatics
This is a fine book that clearly discusses the applications of evolutionary computation techniques to a variety of different areas.
Introduction to Bioinformatics
A Theoretical and Practical Approach was written as an introductory text for the undergraduate, graduate, or professional.
Fundamental Concepts of Bioinformatics
Readers learn what programs are available for analyzing data, how to understand the basic algorithms that underlie these programs, what bioinformatic research is like, and other basic concepts.
BLAST is the only comprehensive reference with detailed, accurate information on optimizing BLAST searches for high-throughput sequence analysis.
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