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Acta Laser Biology Sinica, Abstract: 2005-6

Optical Model of Human Skin - Abstract£ºBased on the analysis of skin structure, the light transport property in skin and the optical parameters of skin tissue, an optical model for normal skin was developed..
Study on Early Stage Embryonic Development and Variation of Protein Patterns of Bufo bufo gargarizens after Different Energic Laser Irradiation - Abstract£ºAppling YAG double-frequency laser microbeam of different energy irradiated four cell stage embryos of Bufo bufo gargarizans..
Subcellular Location of GAS41 by its Expression and Preparation of Antiserum - Abstract:GAS41 is a recently identified gene slightly related to glioma..
Effects of PEG(Polyethylene Glyco) on seeds germination of richosanthes kirilowii - Absract:In this paper,15% PEG was applied to soak the seeds of Trichosanthes kirilowii for 24h in order to promote its germination..
Tissue Culture and Plant regeneration of Vicia Kulingiana Baily - Abstract£ºStudied on midum kind¡¢hormones combination¡¢sugar concentration of Kulingiana aily..
Design and Preparation of the Filter for Photonrejuvenation - Abstract: The characteristic of optical filter applied to intense pulsed light photonrejuvenation is analyzed, designing the filter with analytic and automatic optimizing method which consists of simplex and simulated annealing algorithm..
PLS-ANN Discriminant Analysis on Autofluorescence Spectra to Identify Gastric Cancer - Abstract: Measurement of fluorescence spectra was performed at excitation wavelength of 308nm and emission wavelength in the range of 328-596nm..
Some Signaling Pathways of Apoptosis in PDT - Abstract: Photodynamic therapy (PDT) is a promising new treatment for cancer that has been recently accepted in the clinic, in which sensitizer followed by irradiation induce generation of ROS..
The Effect of N+ Ion Implantation on the MDA Content and the Activities of Superoxide Dismutase and Catalase of Liquorice Seedlings under PEG-induced Drought Stress - Abstract: The effect of N+ ion implantation on the antioxidative system (SOD¡¢CAT)and MDA content of liquorice seedlings(Glycyrrhiza uralensis Fisch )under PEG-induced drought stress was investigated in this study..
Study on the Way of Identification Activity of Cells Based on Principle of Circular Aperture Diffraction - Abstract: A simple, precision method for identification cell viability was presented in the paper..
Discussion of the Verification of Liquid Chromatograph - Abstract: This article deals with the uninvolved or unreasonable projects in the verification regulation of liquid chromatograph JJG705-2002, which have a direct effect on the accuracy of the detecting results of the high performance liquid chromatograph..
Trend of Development on Ion Beam Bio-engineering of Low Energy - Abstract:The 6 achievements on Ion Beam Bio-engineering of Low Energy were simply stated..
The Application of Eelectrochemiluminescence in Gene Detection - Abstract: Electrochemiluminescence technique has became a new gene detection method..
The Application and Development of Real-time Quantitative PCR - Abstract£ºReal-time quantitative PCR (QPCR) allows quantification of starting amounts of DNA, cDNA, or RNA templates..
Advances in Studies on Bacillus thuringiensis Novel Vegetative Insecticidal Protein Vip3A - Abstract£ºNovel Vegetative insecticidal protein Vip3A is a non-crystal and extracellular toxic protein secreted outside the cell during Bacillus thuringiensis mid-logarithmic growth..
The Study and Comparison of Colleterial Glands and Its Secretion Between Actias selene Hubner and Antheraea pernyi. - Abstract: This paper mainly determines the content of adhesive proteins adhered to the eggs of Actias selene Hubner and comparisons of shape and size of colleterial glands between Actias selene Hubner and Antheraea pernyi are carried on..

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