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Acta Laser Biology Sinica, Abstract: 2006-3

Parameters Selection Based on the Dynamic Photo-thermal Model during Laser-induced Interstitial Thermotherapy - Abstract: A two-dimensional mathematical model to describe the dynamic photo-thermal interactions during laser-induced interstitial thermotherapy under temperature control was developed here..
Optothermal response of biotissue and its experimental study - Abstract: Based on the interaction theory mechanism of laser-biotissue, optothermal response of biological tissue is discussed..
Study on the Effect of DCMU on Photosynthesis of Plant by Delayed Fluorescence Method - Abstract: Diuron (DCMU) blocks the electron transporting from QA to QB in the thylakoid membrane..
Study on Intrinsic Relationship between Light-induced Delayed Fluorescence and Photosynthesis of Plant - Abstract: Photosynthesis is the most important chemical reactionon the earth..
Phase and Optical Property Comparison of Silica Bodies in Rice between the Leaf and the Husk - Abstract: Silica bodies were isolated from the leaf and the husk of the rice..
Karyotype Analysis of Solidago Canadensis L. and Preliminary Study on Its B-chromosomes CAI - Abstract: The karyotype analysis of exotic plant Solidago Canadensis L..
Morphologic Changes of Mouse Skin under Laser Scanning Confocal Microscopy after Irradiated by IPL in early Stage - Abstract: The morphologic changes of mice skin after being irradiated by IPL were observed by a laser scanning confocal microscopy..
- ..
Photobleaching Properties of Photosensitizers for Photodynamic diagnosis - Abstract: Study the photobleaching properties of three photosensitizers£¨HpD¡¢ PsD-007¡¢HMME£© at ¦Ë=514¡¢488nm,C=2¡¢3¡¢5¦Ìg/ml and P=10¡¢15¡¢20mW..
Laser Acupuncture Theory and Light Dosage Selection - Abstract: There are physical differences between laser and needle acupuncture..
- ..
Cloning of SPATA17, A human Testis-Specific Apoptosis Gene Homologous to MSRG-11 in Mouse - Abstract: SPATA17 gene, homologue to mouse MSRG-11 gene, was cloned by informatics analysis..
The Effect of Tenuigenin on Neuromorphopathological Changes of AD Rats with ¦Â-Amyloid 1-40 Injection into Right Nucleus Basalis - Abstract: Objective:To establish an animal model of Alzheimer's disease(AD) and to observe the therapeutic effect of tenuigenin(TEN) on deposition of ¦Â-amyloid protein(A¦Â) and its neurotoxicity..
Preliminary Studies on the Human Novel Gene ZNF418 - Abstract: The full length cDNA of a human novel gene was cloned from human fetal cDNA library, and was named zinc-finger protein 418 (ZNF418) as approved by the Human Gene Nomenclature Committee..
Construction of DNA Vaccine for Swine Hepatitis E Virusand Immunology Effect on Mice - Abstract: Using swine HEV DQ1strain ORF2 as template, and a pair of primer with kozak sequence , by PCR we got whole ORF2 of swine HEV DQ1..
Treatment of Acne on Face with Intense Pulsed Light - Abstract:¡¡Objective: To observe the results of using intense pulsed light for treating acne on face..
Analysis of Therapeutic Effect of Condyloma Acuminatum in Privileged Sites Treated with Nd:YAG Laser - Abstract: Objective :To observe the therapeutic effect of recalcitrant condyloma acuminatum in urethral orifice ,ostium vaginae£¬anus and crissum treated with Nd:YAG laser..
The Studies on Mutagenesis of Thermomonospora fusca with (60) Co Gamma Rays and its Application in the Fermentation of Excrement - Abstract: In this experiment, Thermomonospora fusca was chosen as an original strain for screening high yield cellulase mutants..
The Analysis of EEG for 40 Patients of Chronic Brain Schistosomiasis - Abstract: Objective: To explore the changes of electroencephalograms (EEG) of the brain schistosomiasis patients, and provide the references for the clinical diagnosis and treatment..
Influence of Filter on Photoacoustic Imaging - Abstract: Photoacoustic tomography (PAT) combines the advantages of pure optic imaging and pure ultrasound imaging..
The Laser Control of the Excimer Laser Refractive Surgical Iinstrument - Abstract: The excimer laser refractive surgical instrument can be used to correct myopia, hyperopia , astigmatism diopter..
The Human Eye Wavefront Aberration Measurement Expression and Corrections - Abstract: WAGCA£¨wavefront aberration guided cornea ablation£©is a corneal refractive surgery method for wavefront-guided ablation..
Effect of 60Co ¦Ã Ray on Activity and Physic-chemistry Characters of Intensely Immunized Egg Yolk£¨IgY£© - Abstract: The Immunized Egg Yolk was irradiated by 60Co¦Ã ray, and then we investigated the effect of 60Co ¦Ã ray on antibody titer¡¢purity¡¢heat stability¡¢acid resistance¡¢enzymatic hydrolysis and other activity and physic-chemistry characters of it..
Construction and Transformation of Maize Starch Branching Enzyme SBE¢òb Gene RNA Interference Expression Vector - Abstract: Twentieth extron (155 bp) from genome of sbe¢òb gene have been amplified..
A Study on the Chromosomes in Bullfrog Rana catesbeiana - Abstract: In this paper, we researched the karyotype of the bullfrog Rana catesbeiana..

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