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Acta Laser Biology Sinica, Abstract: 2006-4

Energy Transfer between Pigments in outer Antenna of Bryopsis corticulans - Abstract : Fluorescence emission and excitation spectroscopy were used to detected the energy transfer between pigments in outer antenna (LHC II) subcomplexes, monomer, trimer and aggregate..
Study on Transformation Effect of GUS Gene Introduced into Arabidopsis Seeds Mediated by Ion Beam - Abstract £ºTransformation effection of GUS gene introduced into Arabidopsis seeds mediated by ion beam was studied..
Effect of Low Temperature Stress on the Survival and Physiologicaland Biochemical Indexes of Alfalfa Seedlings - Abstract: Eleven alfalfa(Medicago sativa L..
Sequencing Analysis of Mitochondrion 12srRNA/tRNA-Val/16rRNA and Study on the Molecular Evolution of Alpaca - Abstract: The purpose of this study was analysis and tracking the heredity stability of Alpaca through amplifying special fragment from mitochondrion genome..
Study on the Stability of the Pigment of Natural Brown Cotton and its Mechanism - Abstract: The effects of sunshine, temperature, washing power and metallic ions on the natural brown cotton fiber were determined, also the mechanism of the effects was analyzed by studying the color turning of different densities or pH values aqueous solution of the natural brown cotton pigment, and by observing the chemical reactions of the pigment and metallic ions in the paper..
A Discussion about the Physical Mechanism of Laser Breeding - Abstract: In this article the physical mechanism of laser breeding is discussed by means of the electron- conformation interaction theory and with the infinite-depth potential well model..
Studies on Genetic Selection and Combination Effectson Oppositifolious Character of Zea Mays - Abstract: In this paper, twenty-six transferred oppositifolious self-lines of F4 generation were orientationally selected for continuous ten generations,and effects of three combination modes (oppositifolious ¡Á alternate, oppositifolious ¡Á oppositifolious, alternate ¡Á alternate) on oppositifolious frequency were compared..
A Synergistic Toxic Effect in Mammalian Cells Induced by Co-treatment of Alpha Particle and Diesel Particulate Extract - Abstract: In order to investigate the influence on the health of human beings of two environmentally detrimental factors working together, AG1522 cells co-treated by alpha particles and diesel particulate extract (DPE) were employed as an experimental model to explore their cytotoxicity and genotoxicity..
Effect of Surfactant on Accumulation£¬Distribution and Elimination of Lead in Fish - Abstract: Accumulation ,distribution and elimination of lead in Carassius auratus and effects of SDBS,a kind of negative ion surfactant,on accumulation,distribution and elimination of lead in Carassius auratus were studied..
Effects of Plant Hormones on Shoot-growth in the Course of Subculture Propagation of Virus-free Pyrus. Spp - Abstract: Exogenous hormones in medium for propogation of Pyrus..
Several Matters Worth Studying on Biological Effects and Applications of Ion Beams - Abstract: Biological effects and applied research of heavy ion beams in life sciences have been extensively developed in the field of physics and life sciences at home and abroad..
The Biological Effect of Tomato by Extra-low Energy Ion-beam irradiation - Abstract: The seeds of tomato were irradiated by extra-low energy ion-beam ..
Effects of Hormone on Callus and Bud Differentiation of Sinningia hybird Hort - Abstract: The paper reported the effects of different explants and hormones content on callus and bud differentiation of Sinningia hybird Hort through positive cross experiments..
Studies on Transforming RNA Interference Expression Vector of Starch Branching Enzyme Gene into Maize Inbred Lines by Agrobacterium tumefaciens - Abstract: Using maize inbred lines 178 and R18hong immature callus as receptor materials, hygromycin sensitivity experiments to confirm the suitable selection pressure ( hygromycin was 15 mg/L ~25 mg/L)were conducted..
Laser Radiation Mutagenesis Used in Thermostability Phytase Screening - Abstract: Phytase producing Aspergillus Niger was treated with 1..
Screen the Phage-resistant and High-producing Strain of Glutamic Acid - Abstract: With infected phage-sensitive producing strains by phages isolated from waste-liquid of glutamic acid fermentation, the phage-resistant mutants were isolated with spontaneity mutation..
Breeding and Characterization of Phosphorus-accumulating Strains by Ions Implantation - Abstract£ºAfter irradiation of N+ ion beam at 15KeV on the G strain,the two mutant strain K1¡¢K2 were obtained..
The Study of Helianthus annuus L. Induced by Space-flight in SP2 Generation - Abstract: After seeds of Hellanthus annuus L..
Clinical effect with laser acupuncture treatment for 60 sufferers with acute knee joint trauma - Abstract£ºTo determine the clinical effect with laser acupuncture treatment for 60 patients with acute knee trauma, averaging cure times is 1, 85% of the patients are cured, 15% of the patients have effects, none of the patients have no effects, no obvious side-effects are found..
Development of Self-help Laser Prostatic Hypertrophy Therapeutic Equipment - Abstract: A new kind therapeutic equipment, using photonic Chinese medicine information therapeutics, for prostatic hypertrophy, were introduced in this paper, which embodies Chinese medicine' principle of distinguishing diseases and then curing, has the characteristics of curing diseases' appearance and substance, and consolidating curative effect..
The Application of Raman Spectroscopy in Food Science - Abstract: Raman spectroscopy is a technique of inelastic scattering of photons, which provides rich information about molecular structure and components in material nondestructively..
Survey of Study on Laser Mutation Breeding - Abstract : In this paper, the advances in research of laser mutation breeding mechanism was expounded and the application and achievements in breeding of agriculture, pasturage, farrier and industry microorganism of laser mutation were introduced..

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