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Acta Laser Biology Sinica, Abstract: 2006-5

On Light Spot Distortion of Femtosecond Laser Propagating - Abstract: The light spot distortion effect of femtosecond laser pulses propagating through an acousto-optical deflector (AOD) was analyzed..
Comparative Study of the Scattering and Absorption Properties for Colon Tumor Diagnosis: an in vitro Study Using Different Light Propagation Model - Abstract: The scattering and absorption coefficients were determined and compared in vitro for normal and adenomatous human colon mucosa/submucosa, and normal and adenomatous human colon muscle layer/chorion at 630 nm, 680 nm, 720 nm, 780 nm, 810 nm, 850 nm and 890 nm of Ti:S ring laser..
Studies on Photodynamic Effects of MB on Pseudomonas aeruginosa in vitro - Abstract: Objective:To examine the effects of photodynamic therapy(PDT) on pseudomonas aeruginos strain in vitro..
Study of the Possibilities in the Generation of the Macroscopic Quantum Superposition States in Eukaryotic Cell Microtubules - Abstract: Microtubules, one of the primary components and function units in cytoskeleton system, are filled with water..
The Observations on Microsporogenesis in Keteleeria fortunei with Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope - Abstract: The microsporogenesis in Keteleeria fortunei (Murr..
Comparison Experiment of Photosensitive Effect between Phycobiliprotein Chromophore peptide and Photofrin¢ò - Abstract: Objective: To compare the PDT and light photosensitive effect between Phycobiliprotein Chromophore peptides and Photofrin¢ò..
Mutagenic effect of UV and 60Co¦Ã ray on A9 strain of Arthrospira platensis - Abstract: Arthrospira platensis A9 strain in log phase was broken to 2 cells ~4 cells fragments by 40 s pretreatment of ultrasonics, the sample was mutagenized by ultraviolet (UV) and 60Co¦Ãray, and then the samples were inoculated into liquid and solid Zarrouk Medium after 3 h pre-incubation..
Effect of 60Co¦Ã ray Irradiation on Loquat Second Shoot Fruit Quality Charactrer - Abstract: The experiment was designed to study the mutation regulation on secondary branch fruit quality of appearance and flavor after 60Co ¦Ã ray irradiated on the loquat Jiefanghong branch..
Construction of Maize FAD2-hpRNAi Expression Vector and its Transformation - Abstract£ºAccording to the sequence of the published delta-12 desaturase genes of maize£¨GeneBank ID£ºAB257309£©, a specific cDNA fragment was amplified by RT-PCR from the total RNA of maize immature embryos..
Expression and preparation of antiserum of human KCTD10 and its expression profile in the cell lines - Abstract: Human channel tetramerisation domain-containing 10(KCTD10) gene belongs to polymerase delta-interacting protein 1 (PDIP1) gene family..
Study on the Mechanism of Color Changes between Fuchsine Acid - Abstract£ºThe mechanism of color changes between Fuchsine Acid (FA) and Bovine Serum Albumin (BSA) was studied by spectra probe..
Molecular Cloning and Analysis of Alpaca Prolactin Gene Sequences - Abstract: Structure color of tropical Morpho butterflies is one of very hot topics..
Studies of Thermal Effects of Compound Cold&Cool Chinese Herbal Medicine Using Thermal Texture Maps System - Abstract: Objective: Thermal effects of compound cold &cool Chinese herbal medicine on different body parts of rats were studied using the thermal texture maps system..
Differential Diagnosis of Human Normal Bladder and Bladder Cancer Tissues by Utilizing Optical Properties of Tissues in vitro - Abstract£ºDifference of optical properties of human normal bladder and human bladder cancer tissues at 476..
The Development of Virus Resistance Transgenic Potato Plants Using RNAi Technology and Laser Microbeam Puncture Technique - Abstract£º The present research aims to develop transgenic potato plants resistance to PVX and PVY..
The Application of Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope in the Study of Apoptosis Induced by Laser Irradiation - Abstract: Laser scanning confocal microscope combined with fluorescence probe and fluorescence resonance energy transfer techniques has become a very effective tool of researching the behavior of massive molecules in living cells..
Study on Mildew Infecting Skin of Naked Mouse by Optical Coherence Tomography - Abstract: An optical coherence tomography system with depth-resolution 8 ¦Ìm and broadband source (SLD) is implemented..
Real-time FRET Monitoring of the Dynamics of Biological Molecules in Single Living Cell - Abstract: Using different mutants of green fluorescent protein (GFP) as the donor and acceptor for FRET pair, and both the donor and acceptor are fused to two different host proteins or at two different sites within the same protein molecular biology technique, one can monitoring the dynamical protein-protein interaction in real-time in single living cell..
Preliminary Study of Molecular Contrast Optical Coherence Tomography - Abstract: In this paper, the current state of research on the use of molecular contrast agents in Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) is reviewed, and also introduced are different molecular contrast OCT (MCOCT) methods that have been developed thus far ..
The Analysis about Dose and Mechanism of Laser Irradiation on Acupuncture Point - Abstract£ºLaser therapy of acupuncture is a therapy that low intensive laser irradiates directly on the acupuncture point,and has the effect of the acupuncture and moxibustion..

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