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Acta Laser Biology Sinica, Abstract: 2006-6

Changes of Anti-Oxidative Enzymes in Vicia faba L. Seedlings Irradiated by He-Ne Laser in Different Stages - Abstract: Variations in malondiadehycle (MDA) contents, enzymatic activities and isozymatic patterns of superoxide dismutases (SOD), peroxidases (POD) and catalases (CAT) of leaves at four-leaf stage were studied by treating Vicia faba L..
Studies on the Influence of the Development and Growth in Fish (Parent Fish ) by Low Power CO2 Laser , TDP and other Infrared Radiations (¢ò) - Abstract: This study is selecting and breeding parent fishes of rdproduction with roe of incubation Period , larva ,fry ,yearling of common carp, crucian carp, grass carp, silves carp and bighead carp irradiated ty low power CO2 laser and TDP infrared and observing breeding capacity of parent fishes selected and breeded , genetic properety interrelated with fry and yearling of the filial generation by parent fishes of male and female irradiated in spawning pond of breeding perioed ..
Cloning and Expression Analysis of the cry1Ac Gene from Bacillus thuringiensis Strain 4.0718 - Abstract£º14 cry1Ac genes from GenBank were aligned and the consensus regions in the upstream of promoter and in the downstream of terminator were found..
Sequence Analysis of Seven Dmrt Genes in Lacertid Lizards,Eremias breuchleyi - Abstract: The Dmrt genes constitute a new gene family related to sex-determination..
PCR-SSCP Analysis on Heart Fatty Acid-Binding Protein Gene in Pigs - Abstract£ºThe polymorphism of H-FABP gene in Shanxi White pig£¬Mashen pig£¬Large White pig£¬Landrace and Duroc was analyzed by PCR-SSCP..
DSCR1 May be Participated in Ubiquitin-proteosome Pathway* - Abstract£ºHuman DSCR1 gene locate in Down syndrome critical region on chromosome 21..
The Effect of Sunlight Conditioning Agriculture Film on Vegetable Quality - Abstract: The light conditioning biology film for agriculture can transfer certain unused solar radiation in photosynthesis of vegetables into photosynthetically active radiation through the fluorescence additive in it, its value not only lies in promoting the growth of vegetables and increasing yield but also in affecting the nutrients in vegetables..
Comparison Study of Optical Properties of Native and Coagulated Human Liver Tissue at KTP/YAG Laser in Vitro * - Abstract: A double-integrating-spheres system and Inverse Adding-Doubling method were used in this experiment, The optical properties of native and coagulated human liver tissue at 532 and 1064 nm of KTP/YAG laser were study..
The Pilot Study on the Protective Effect of Mineral Oil Act on Animal Cells In the Vacuum Condition of Ion Implantation - Abstract£ºIn this study, mineral oil was selected to protect HeLa cells when they were in the vacuum or implanted..
Cloning and bioinformatics analysis of the chitinase gene from Bacillus thuringiensis serovar entomocidus strain HD109 - Abstract:Based on the conserved 5' and 3' sequence of chitinase gene from B..
Cloning of a Rice Endosperm-specific Promoter Gt1 and Its Functional Verification in Maize - Abstract Regard genome DNA of rice as the template , have cloned the upper sequence of the gluten genetic Gt1 of rice by PCR method , and construct it on the plant expression carriers with green fluorogenic albumen, shell with laster microbeam method receptor to transform maize organize, prove, should start function of son through the method that express instantly£ºIt expresses strongly in endosperm, while very weakly other£»It has proved that has the peculiar characteristic that expresses of endosperm in different species too; It offers the theoretical foundation for the use of this endosperm..
Expression of Tea Cystatin in E.coli - Abstract: The coding region of the tea cystatin was amplified by RT-PCR and cloned into expression vector pET-32a(+)..
Sequence of Mitochondrial NADH Dehydrogenase Subunit 1 (ND1) Gene Of L. kuhlii and L. fragilis, And The Phylogenetic Relationships among 3 Chinese Species of Limnonectes - Abstract: The complete sequences of mitochondrial ND1 genes were determined for L..
Construction of Bacterial Phytase Gene in pEGFP-N3 Vectors and Its Expression in COS7 Cells - Abstract: A bacterial phytase cDNA was amplified with regular PCR technique and it contains 1360 bp encoding 423 amino acids with protein molecular size approximately 48 KDa..
Isolation, Purification and Structure Characterization of Polysaccharide POP¢óa from Portulace oleracea L. - Abstract: POP¢óa, one component of Portulace oleracea L..
Sequence Analysis of Four Dmrt Genes DM Domain in Limnonectes fujianensis - Abstract£ºThe Dmrt genes constitute a new gene family related to sex-determination like the doublesex gene of Drosophila and the Mab-3 gene of Caenorhabditis elegents..
Studies on Dynamic Changes of CD4+£¬CD8+T-lymphocytes in Chickens Infected with E.tenella - Abstract£ºDynamic changes of CD4+¡¢CD8+T-lymphocytes in bursa of Fabricius, caecal mucosa, caecal tonsil, spleen and thymus in chickens inoculated with E..
Breed of Phenol-degrading microorganism with N+ Ion induced mutation - Abstract: From the active sludge taken from the coke wastewater disposal plant of Hefei steel plant, several phenol degrading strains were domesticated and screened as original strains..
Breeding of New Mulberry Variety-Chuan 826 - Abstract: The new mulberry variety-Chuan 826 which have stably hereditary, high yielding, high quality and so on was bred by Sericultural Research Intitute of Sichuanis..
Studies on Fermentation Conditions of Chitinase Produced by Metarhizium anisopliae Ma83 - Abstract£ºStrain Ma83 of M..
Breeding of the New Onion Variety By Laser Mutagenesis And Culture Techniques - Abstract £º The new Onion Variety ¡°Xicong 1¡± and ¡°Xicong 2¡± were bred by laser mutagenesis£¬( £Ã£Ï£²£¬ He-Ne) £¬laboratory identification and productive test in Sichuan Province showed that ¡°Xicong 1¡± and ¡°Xicong 2¡± were not only premature , stability in storage£¬compact shape£¬the low rate of premature bolting,but also of high quality£¬good disease resistance £¬meeting the requirements of production and market..
The Study on Birefringence Feature of Cartilage by Conventional Optical Coherence Tomography - Abstract: The conventional optical coherence tomography (COCT) can realize non-invasive and in vivo measurement with high spatial resolution and sensitivity..

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