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Acta Laser Biology Sinica, Abstract: 2007-4

The Effect of XeCl Excimer Laser Radiation on Biomacromolecule Structure BSA(¢õ) - Abstract: The biomacromolecule of bovine serum albumin fraction¢õpowder or it's solution was radiated separately by XeCl excimer laser(308nm)in the condition of export out power 25mJ/per pulse or 33..
Inferring Protein Function from Protein-protein Interaction Networks - Abstract£ºPrediction of protein function is the most challenging problem of the post-genomic era..
Expressions of MHC¢ò and Gal-¦Á-Gal in Interfamily Pregnancy between Golden Hamster and Mouse by Laser Confocal Scan - Abstract: Sbujective: Interspecific embryo transfer could be a valuable tool in preservation programs of endangered species..
Monitoring Dynamics of caspase-3 Activity in Living Cells Using FRET Technique during Apoptosis Induced by High Fluence LPLI - Abstract: Fluorescence resonance energy transfer ( FRET) can be used for measuring the distance between the molecules in living cells ..
RAPD Analysis on the Genetic Diversity of Carya cathayensis Germplasm Resources - Abstract£ºGenetic diversity and differentiation of five natural populations of Carya cathayensis Sarg..
Fluorescent Imaging Cytotoxic Effect of HSV-tk/GCV System and Recombinant TNF on the Tumor Cells - Abstract: Objective: To investigate the synergistic effect of HSV-tk/GCV system combining with Recombinant Human Tumor Necrosis Factor (rmhTNF) on adenoid cystic carcinoma (ACC-M) cells using fluorescent imaging..
Analysis on Genomic Structure and Intron Polymorphism of Goldfish Vsx1 - Abstract: Visual system homeobox-1 ( vsx1) is a homeobox gene encoding a homeodomain and a CVC domain that was first cloned from an adult goldfish retinal library..
Finite Element Analysis for Temperature Distribution of Normal Breast - Abstract: A multi-dimension comprehensive thermal model is presented to simulate the steady temperature distribution of breast based on the breast anatomical structure and physiological characteristics..
Time-resolved Autofluorescence Spectroscopy for Classification of Human Nasopharyngeal Tissues - Abstract: Time-resolved autofluorescence spectroscopies at 600 nm under 397 nm excitation have been measured for human nasopharyngeal normal and carcinoma tissues in vitro, respectively..
Effects on Gluten Quality of High Molecular Weight Glutenin Subunits Coded by Two Alleles and Its Interactions at Glu-A1 and Glu-B1 Loci in Common Wheat - Abstract: The subunit composition of glutenin, which are responsible for the visco-elastic properties of dough , play an important role for bread making quality..
Physico-chemical Characteristics and Antioxidant Activity in vitro of Polysaccharide from Coprinus comatus - Abstract: The polysaccharide was hot water extracted from Coprinus comatus£¬ and precipitated by ethanol..
Effects of Magnetic Treatment on Ultrastructure of Chlorella vulgaris - Abstraction: Change of ultrastructure of Chlorella vulgaris caused by magnetic treatment was investigated by transmission electron microscopy..
Ultrastructural Studies on Spermiogensis of Eumeces chinensis - Abstract: The ultrastructure of spermiogensis of Eumeces chinensis is described..
Bio-effects of Bacillus megaterium Induced by Ion Implantation in Two-step Fermentation for Vitamin C - Abstract: Bacillus megaterium BM279 was the mutant strain induced by ion bean implantation from BM80..
Studies of 60Co ¦Ã Irradiation in Preserving Table Eggs and Compromising Fertile Eggs - Abstract: The effect on preserving table eggs and compromising fertile eggs were studied using ¦Ã-ray of 60Co..
Study on N+ Ion Beam Implanting Activated Sludge for Coke-plant Wastewater Treatment - Abstract: Activated sludge developed by N+ ion beam injection was used to treat the coke-plant wastewater..
Dissipation Behavior of Fenvalerate Residue in Made Tea during Brewing Process and Its Maximum Residues Levels Evaluation - Abstract :Fenvalerate was sprayed in a growing equably tea farm..
Evaluation of the Curative Effect of Ultrapulse CO2 Laser Combined with Heparin Sodium in the Treatment of Xanthelasma Palpebrarum - Abstract: Objective: To observe the efficacy and racurrence of ultrapulse CO2 laser combined with heparin sodium in the treatment of xanthelasma palpebrarum..
Clinical Effect and HSP70 Expression of Laser Treatment of Chronic Ulcer of Skin - Abstract: Objective: To investigate the clinical effect and HSP70 expression on the wound surface of chronic ulcer of skin by laser therapy..
Efficacy of Pulse Dye Laser Therapy for the Treatment of Ulcerated Haemangiomas in Infant - Abstract£ºObjective£ºTo investigate the efficacy of pulse dye laser therapy for the treatment of ulcerated haemangiomas in infant..
Highly Sensitive Electrochemiluminescence-PCR Method for the Detection of CaMV35 S Promoter - Abstract: Most genetically modified (GM) plants contain Cauliflower mosaic virus 35 S (CaMV35 S) promoter..
The Application of BP Artificial Neural Network in Quantitative Prediction of Optical Spectroscopy - Abstract: The artificial neural network is an information processing system established by imitating the structure and the function of cerebral neuron networks..
Primary Research on Isolation£¬Purification and Character of Polysaccharide of Gastrodia elata BL - Abstract: Objective: To explore the best purification method and analysis characters polysaccharide of Gastrodia elata BL..
A Study of a Continuous-Flow PCR Microfluidics - Abstract: A new continuous-flow PCR microfluidics was successfully designed and constructed, in which several factors that might affect the continuous-flow PCR amplification had been investigated in detail, including annealing temperature, concentrations of some PCR reagents (forward/reverse primers, Mg2+, dNTPs and DNA polymerase enzyme) and flow rates of PCR solution in the capillary microchannel..
Clinical Development and Application with New Developed Liquid Nitrogen Therapy Apparatus - Abstract: To determine the clinical effect with cryotherapy for 242 patients with fleck, averaging cure times is one month , after 1¡«3 years follow-up investigation 81..
The Advance of Microsatellite DNA in Evolutionary - Abstract: Within the past decade microsatellites have developed into one of the most popular genetic markers..
The Application and Development of Raman Spectroscopy on Protein Conformation - Abstract: Raman spectroscopy is a suitable method for probing the relationship between structure, dynamics and function of biomolecules..

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