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Acta Laser Biology Sinica, Abstract: 2007-5

The Study of the Optical Clearing by OCT - Abstract: Optical clearing can effectively control the optical properties of in tissue using the optical immersing technique by hyperosmotic agents and be paid more and more attention in the biomedical and optical field..
Study on Interactions between Quantum Dots and Proteins - Abstract: CdSe quantum dots (QDs) were synthesized in an organic system, in which paraffin and oleic acid acted as reducing and stabilizing reagent, respectively..
Monitoring the Dynamics of Caspase-3 Activation Induced by Xiaoaiping - Abstract: Xiaoaiping (XAP) isolated from the stems of marsdenia tenacissima, an asclepiadacease plant, has been documented to possess functions against inflammation and cancers..
Study on Biological Effects on Chamaecrista spp. By Spaceship-carried of its Seeds - Abstract: The seeds of six Chamaecrista spp..
Study on Genetic Diversity of Peanut Rhizobia Isolated from Anhui Areas - Abstract: Genetic diversity of peanut Rhizobia isolated from Anhui areas was determined using Randomly Amplified Polymorphic DNA (RAPD) technique..
Analysis of Available Active Substance in Crude Ethanol Precipitation of Mulberry Syncarp - Abstract: Many kinds of active substances in mulberry syncarp, such as polysaccharide¡¢ minor element¡¢ amino acid¡¢vitamin¡¢ mineral element¡¢ flavones, play an important role in the organism, especially their application in the fields of medical field and health food, they have unique biological activation to such respects as the tumor , virus , cardiovascular vessel ,etc..
Clone and Analysis of cDNA of Vitellogenin from Actias selene Hubner - Abstract: The cDNA sequence of vitellogenin in Actias selene Hubner is obtained through RT-PCR to the total RNA and RACE amplification to 3'-end, which contains 5701 bases, an opening reading frame which encodes 1774 amino acids,composed of 8 N-linked glycosylation sites,2Polyserne regions, Homology of bases between Actias seleneHubner, Saturniajaponica(AB190809), antheraeayamamai(AB055843), Antheraea pernyi(AB049631), Bombyx mandarina(AB055845), Bombyx mori(D13160), Samia Cynthia pryeri(AB190810), Philosamia Cynthia ricini(ab0555844)..
An Experimental Research on Different Detection Conditions - Abstract£ºThe different detection conditions based on HL60 between MTT and CCK-8 were studied..
Damage of Dugesia japonica Radiated by Shortwave Ultraviolet and Effect of the Radiation on Activities of Its Six Kinds of Enzymes - Abstract: Dugesia japonica was radiated by UV-C lamp..
A Study on Selection of High-producing Strain in S. coeruleorubidus by Near Ultraviolet Light in the Presence of 8-methoxypsoralen - Abstract: This paper reported first the results of selection in S..
Localizationon of Photosensitizer ZnPcS2P2 on K562 Cells and - Objective: To investigate the mechanism of a novel amphipathic photo sensitizer [di-sulfonated di-phthalimidomethyl phthalocyanine zinc (ZnPcS2P2)]-mediated photodynamic therapy (ZnPcS2P2-PDT) on K562 cells and HL60 cells..
Effect of Nano-Selenium on Growth Rate, Enzyme of Anti-oxidation, Growth Hormone and Insulin Concentration in the Goats - Abstract: The study was conducted to investigate the effect of different levels Nano-Se on growth rate, anti-oxidation function, growth hormone and insulin concentration in the goats..
RAPD Analysis for Natural Population Genetic Structure of Carya dabieshanensis - Abstract:Random amplified polymorphic DNA(RAPD) markers were used to measure genetic diversity and genetic structure of 3 natural populations of Carya dabieshanensis ..
Reproductivity and Pathogenicity of Precocious Shanxi Line of Eimeria tenella - Abstract£ºOne precocious line was derived from the Shanxi strain of Eimeria tenella£®The reproductivity and pathogenicity of the precocious line and parental strain were examined£®The results showed that the prepatent period of the precocious line was 21 hours which is shorter than that of the parental train£®the reproductive potential of precocious line was 40% of the parental strain£®When chickens were infected with same dosage of precocious line oocysts and the parental strain oocytes£¬The gained weight of chicken infected with precocious line was higher than that with the parental strain£¬and the pathological changes scores of the chicken infected precocious line was less than that of the parental strain£®The LD50 of parental strain and precocious strain were 7..
Associations of H-FABP Gene Genetic Polymorphisms with Intramuscular Fat Content in Pigs - Abstract£ºIn this experiment£¬Shanxi white pigs were used to study the effect of H-FABP gene on intramuscular fat content£¨IMF%£©..
Cytological Mechanism of Solidago canadensis Invasion - Abstract:Chromosome numbers of invasive plant Solidago canadensis L..
Effects of Chilling under Low Light on Vegetative and Physiological Parameters of the Israeli Tomato Seedlings - Abstract : We used the tomato F-044 introduced from Israel and the Wanhong NO..
Effects of Chilling under Low Light on Vegetative and Physiological Parameters of the Israeli Tomato Seedlings - Abstract : We used the tomato F-044 introduced from Israel and the Wanhong NO..
Study of Various Effects on Backward SHG and TPEF in Biotissue - Abstract: Because of the complexities and varieties of biological tissues, and the influences of sample preparation, the backward SHG and TPEF of different tissues are different..
cDNA Cloning of Mutant PAP Changed in Signal Peptide Sequence and Acquisition of Tansgenic Nicotiana Tabacum with High Transformation Efficiency - Abstract: A cDNA clone of PAP-sp1 with changed nucleotides within the N-terminal signal petide sequence was obtained by RT-PCR method from leaves of Phytolacca americana..
The Inhibition of Flavonoid Compound on Avian Influenza Virus - Abstract: This experiment have used embryo incubation method of chick to discuss the inhibition of flavonoid compound on avian influenza H5N1 virus..
The Study of Antagonism of Bacillus subtilis JA-206 against Dermatophytes - Abstract£ºThe fermentation crude extract of Bacillus subtilis JA£­206 screened by the technology of ion implantation can effectively inhibit or kill T..
The application of electron beam irradiation in agri-foods preservation - Abstract£ºThis paper reviewed the fresh-keeping mechanism of electron beam irradiation in agri-foods preservation application recently, such as fruits, vegetables, edible fungi,meat and so on..
Effectiveness of alexandrite laser for hair removal in 350 patients - Abstract:Objective:To evaluate the effect of hair removal using alexandrite laser..
Establishment of Plant Regeneration System from Mature Embryos of Maize Elite Inbred lines - Abstract: A total of ten widely cultivated maize elite inbred lines were researched in regeneration abilities..
The Applications of Poisson Distribution in Biology - Abstract: Poisson Distribution has been used widely in some subjects£¬such as the calculation of genetic map distance£¬the quantitative analysis of radiationbiology£¬the calculation of infectious rate by viruses£¬the estimation for the number of recombinants in a gene library and the reliability of the PCR fragments, and the computation of the rate of yeast one-hybrid (or two-hybrid£©£®In this paper£¬these analyses were introduced£® ..
The Research on Polynomials Express and Mearsurement of Human Eye Wave-front Aberration - Abstract: The defocus and astigmatism of human eye can be treated by using glass and contact lens or by excimer laser, because the human has optical aberration, it can not get best vision even if the human eye has treated the defocus and astigmatism ..
The Control Effect of Bacillus subtilis by Magnetic Field on Postharvest Tomato Fruits Grey Mold Disease - Abstract: 39 strains of induced Bacillus subtilis were acquired after being radiated in magnetic field ..

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