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Share pictures using BVTech Photo Publisher in a few steps:

  • Select the folder that contains the pictures to be shared (Screen shot).
  • Create an archive of your images using HTML. It offers numerous options for displaying your prized pictures in an optimum format (Screen shot).
  • Select options to publish your pictures. You can choose to upload them to this site or your own website, or burn a CD. (Screen shot).

  • Upload your photos to this site or other websites using BVTech Photo Publisher, and share everywhere

    BVTech Photo Publisher is a program that publishes images to the Internet, across a LAN or to the hard drive and a CD, using an HTML interface with a main index page and thumbnails. It features album view, slideshow display, built-in FTP upload tool, optional recursive sub-folders, and more. click here for full feature list....

    Click here to view a sample of the output that BVTech Photo Publisher produces.

    To share your photos, click here to download BVTech Photo Publisher. The same download can be used either as a free or paid copy.

    The free version of the software allows you publish your photos on this site, but You can't burn a image CD or load your photos to other websites.

    The registration of BVTech Photo Publisher with $9.98 entitles the right of a single license to use the software, and have the full power of the software
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