HealthWatch Pro

Release Notes for Version 5.0


HealthWatch Pro is a health data analysis and management system for health professionals in clinical and research settings. Based on person's weight, height, blood pressure, etc., HealthWatch Pro can calculate growth percentiles for infants, children and adolescents (2 to 20 years); blood pressure percentiles for children (under 17); and BMI for children and adults. HealthWatch Pro can also evaluate underweight and overweight, identify metabolic syndrome and calculate risk for having a heart attack using the algorithms from Adult Treatment Panel III. Tools for importing and exporting mass data are available.

New Features in version 5.0


Add growth charts for Achondroplasia and Down’s syndrome, including Height, Weight, BMI and Head Circumference for Age Charts for Children with Achondroplasia, and Height, Weight, and Head Circumference for Age Charts for Children with Down’s syndrome.


Redesign database structure and allow connecting to a local Access database or a remote SQL server database via ODBC so as to enhance data sharing and increase scalability. Provide Data Conversion tool to convert data from previous version and transfer data from local database to remote database.


Add Sorting and Filtering functions. Filtering allows you to display only data that meets certain criteria. On the Filter view, you can execute a basic descending or ascending sort based on one column. The Context menu of the Filter view provides functions of copy/paste to Excel sheet, save to a file, and print. The Export tool also provides option for exporting filtered data to Excel sheet.


Introduce new data fields so that users can enter data, such as Father's Stature, Mother's Stature, Gestational Age and Comments showing on CDC charts.

New Features in version 4.1


Add standard growth charts for Canadian based on the World Health Organization (WHO) Growth Standards (2006) and adapted for Canada by Dietitians of Canada, Canadian Paediatric Society, the College of Family Physicians of Canada and Community Health Nurses of Canada.

New Features in version 4.0


Introduce growth charts in the WHO Reference 2007 (5 - 19 years).


Allow to select various standards of CDC, WHO or Recommended by CANADIAN PAEDIATRIC SOCIETY for Undernutrition or Overnutrition estimates and also change UI and individual report to show results according to the selected standard.


Add option in order to enter the "Fasting triglycerides", "Total Cholesterol", "HDL" and others in "mmol/L" as it is in the International System of Units.


Add a "connect" button so that you can use the program in a network environment via sharing data on a server with multiple remote instances.


Change Import and Export tools so that data can be input/output in various units and percentiles calculating with various standards.

Bugs fixed in version 4.0

1. The GT_WHO_HEIGHT_AGE (7) title states 'Weight-for-age', it should read 'Height-for-age'

2. The GT_WHO_HC_AGE (10) title and the graph as well always appear for boys that the gender/sex is not taken into account.

3. Head circumference charts missed standard lines.

4. The Import tool runs very slowly when there are more than thousand records.

New Features in version 3.1


Provide blood pressure percentiles on a continuous scale (e.g., 1st-100th) rather than the 0, 50, 85, 90, 95 and so on.

New Features in version 3.0 and higher


Completely redesigned user interface:

  • In-place instructions on data input and modification.
  • Data input fields are Expandable/Collapsible, and organized based on calculations.
  • Results of calculations for a person can be shown on either "Chart view" or "List view". On "Chart view", data are ploted on various charts with standard curves of percentiles from CDC or WHO. you can save charts as picture files or print out charts. HealthWatch can also show data on "List view" on which data are sorted by Age.
  • Tabbed interface for data from various calculations.
  • 2.

    Data search and data export: A search button was added in this version to allow searching data by name. In addition to the Export tool, data can be saved as text files, copied to clipboard, or printed out by using the "right-click" context menu on "List view".


    WHO Child Growth Standards: HealthWatch Pro 3.0 allows to use both CDC standards and WHO (World Health Organization) to calculate child growth percentiles. In addition to calculate weight, height, and Head circumference percentiles, HealthWatch Pro 3.0 can also calculate percentiles for Arm circumference, Subscapular skinfold, Triceps skinfold, and six gross motor milestones using WHO standards.


    Using intervals interpolation to calculate percentiles : We are using the LMS approach with LMS parameters provided by CDC or WHO. In the data set of LMS parameters, age is listed at the half month point for the entire month; for example, 1.5 months represents 1.0-1.99 months or 1.0 month up to but not including 2.0 months of age. The only exception is birth, which represents the point at birth. In previous version, the age is rounded to the nearest month to find LMS parameters. This causes there is discrepancy between calculated value and value from Growth Chart, especially when the age is small (like 1 week). In version 3.0, instead of rounding the age to the nearest month, intervals interpolation are used to find LMS parameters at a specific age. By this way, the calculated value is very close to that from Growth Chart.

    Bugs fixed in version 3.0 and 3.1

    1. In the version 3.0, it does not display the birthdate when data exported to an Excel sheet.

    2. The calculation for Weight-for-height percentile is incorrect.

    3. User modify data, report will not be updated immediately. User have to unselect/select record to update the report.

    4. Sometime the Age data showed in Growth Chart incorrectly (I.E 2 YEARS OR 2 AND HALF YEARS showed as 2 months or 2.5 months).

    5. Some data are missed from Growth Chart in 2.2.

    6. Unable to input two dates for one child to plot.

    7. The Age column of the table in a Growth Chart shows zero if the patient's age is less than 1 year.

    8. Enter information for the first year the points on the graph for Birth to 36 months looked good. But the points on the graph began to plot points erratically and line up going vertical.

    9. BMI percentiles were not accurately calculated in many instances.

    10. The Import tool shows "Number of query values and destination fields are not the same" message.

    11. When I try to export the data I get the following error "Syntax error in INSERT INTO statement". This occurs when I choose Export from the Export data screen after I have selected the items I want.

    12. I want to input data to the same person with the same ID, but a new "person ID" is created.