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VisualSniffer is free. If you think it is valuable and wish to express your appreciation for the time and resources we expended developing it over the years, we do accept and appreciate monetary donations. You can make check to BVTech Inc, and mail it to: 770 Locks Way, Martinez, GA30907, USA

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VisualSniffer is a powerful packet capture tool and protocol analyzer (ip sniffer or packet sniffer) for Windows system. VisualSniffer can be used by LAN administrators, and security professionals for network monitoring, intrusion detection, and network traffic logging. It can also be used by network programmers for checking what the developing program has sent and received, or others to get a full picture of the network traffic. For example, parents may want to know what kids are doing online. If you stored important data in your PC, you may need to detect whether your data is sending out by some "Adware" or "Spyware". If you are a student, you may want to know how your network is working and the mechanism of each network protocol. VisualSniffer is free software, available with full source code under the terms of the BSD License.
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Key Features More about VisualSniffer...

  • Analyzing network traffic based on user defined rule set (Snort Rule) in real-time.
  • Saving and loading of the whole captured traffic for later reference.
  • Automatically saving data on a hard disk so as to monitor traffic for a long period.
  • Saving captured packets into a log file with format of "libpcap", it can also load data from a "libpcap" file.
  • Searching packets based on criteria including IP address, protocol, content, size, time, etc. in a whole captured traffic.
  • Filtering to receive only subsets of the network traffic.
  • Displaying captured packets based on their source and destination addresses and connections. Users can define workspaces so as to monitor various packets based on criteria including IP address, protocol, content, size, time, etc.
  • Graphical and statistical displays with colored charts.
  • Schedule regular capture tasks
  • Decode an variety of network protocol.

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